Is there anything special I should know about driving this car?

Not really, driving the four wheel drive model S is more or less like any other big sedan like Audi or BMW. Of course it is fast and accelerates like no other large family car. But it handles extremely well on snow and ice. And you don't need to be afraid of it's extreme capabilities. But it's very nice to have the power when you need it, to be able to overtake slower cars etc.

Our representative will show you the basics about driving and taking care of the car. There is also a small information leaflet in the car and on the big computer screen in the car you will even find a complete user manual should you need it!


I will travel with my children and I want the car to be as safe as possible. How is it with Tesla?

Tesla is rated to be one of the safest cars on the roads at the moment. Both in North America and Europe the national and international safety authorities have been testing this car a lot and the test results are extremely convincing. Tesla is super safe car, both passively and actively.

It gets top ratings in the crash tests. Also it's acceleration and breaking powers are next to none, making it a very safe car in heavy trafic where other drivers can cause unexpected situations.

The only factor that can make Tesla an unsafe car is the driver. Remember not to get too excited!!!  It's fun but it can quickly turn into disaster if you get carried away too much!


We are coming to Verbier for a week long ski vacation and have lots of luggage, how can we fit into the car?

Tesla model S is actually a very spacious car, contrary to the common beliefs. It's main trunk in the back is about 700 liters, and in addition to that it has a small (about 150 liters) luggage space in the front since there is no traditional engine under the hood!!!

The main trunk is big enough for 5 big soft bags or 2-3 hard suitcases + 3-2 big soft bags. Please take into consideration that hard suitcases are difficult to pack and even if the trunk theoretically is big enough for five hard suitcases, they might not fit in because of the shapes.

1/3 or 2/3 of the rear seats can be folded down to create a long luggage space which can easily accomodate skis for example.

The front trunk (frunk) is enough for 3-4 small boot bags. The shape of this space is not ideal to put in any big suitcases or bags.

We will also have a big ski box on the roof which will easily swallow 5 - 6 pairs of skis in it.

So, to summarize, if you are four persons or less you will have no problem whatsoever fitting in your luggage. If you are five persons and all of you have luggage then you should plan a little how much to take with you and not take any hard suitcases which are difficult to pack.

One type of luggage which is always problematic is "body bag" type huge board - or skibags. If you are 5 persons in the car you cannot put them inside the car and on the roof there is space for maximum of two such bags. If there are 4 of you then you should be able to fit in 1-2 such "body bags". But your travelling comfort will surely be compromised since one seat of the rear row is taken down.


At what time should we reserve the car at Geneva airport?

If none of the people travelling in the car have check-in luggage you can reserve the car 15 minutes after your scheduled landing time.

If even one of you has checked in luggage then your reservation should start 30 minutes after your scheduled landing time.

Driving time for Geneva airport - Verbier / Verbier - Geneva airport: 1h 45 min - 2 hours in normal driving time and conditions.

When you reserve our cars for the Geneva airport - Verbier transfer you will have 4 hours to complete your trip. This gives you about 2 hours of extra time in case of heavy trafic or/and flight delays.

If your flight is delayed more than 2 hours we might not be able to provide a car for your transfer. This depends on the reservation situation. If the same car is reserved in Verbier directly after your reservation then we have to move the car there. We will then of course do our best to find an alternative solution for your transfer. But if the car has not been reserved after your reservation, then it will wait for you at the airport.

Please note that your car rental between Geneva and Verbier includes 200 kms. The distance is about 170 kms so it does not allow you to drive any other way than the normal - and shortest - route via Lausanne / Montreux / Martigny.

At what time should we reserve the car starting from Verbier?

Driving time for Geneva airport - Verbier / Verbier - Geneva airport: 1h 45 min - 2 hours in normal driving time and conditions.

For the Verbier - Geneva airport transfer our rental lenght is 3 hours. The time is shorter than when starting from Geneva because of no danger of flight delays.

Please note that your car rental between Verbier and Geneva includes 200 kms. The distance is about 170 kms so it does not allow you to drive any other way than the normal - the fastest and one of the shortest - route via Martigny / Montreux / Lausanne.

How to charge the battery in case it's needed?

When you rent a Tesla from us for the trips between Geneva airport and Verbier we'll make sure that the battery is charged enough for you to reach your destination. But, in case you want or need to stop at a gas station for any reason, we would very much appreciate if you'd do it at the Martigny Relais St Bernard - rest area. (About 130 km from Geneva and about 40 km from Verbier).

At this rest area it is possible to plug Tesla into the Supercharger station where it will get enough power for another 200 - 270 km in just 30 minutes. You don't need to stay there longer than you want, but we hope that you would take the opportunity to charge the car if you stop there. And we'll pay for your coffees! And Tesla pays for the electricity, charging is free!

This rest area has a nice & convenient restaurant and a grocery store. When arriving late in Verbier (shops close at 19.00) this is a practical place to buy the essential stuff for the first evening/morning.

In case of half - or full - day rentals you might sometimes have to stop at a Tesla supercharger -station to charge the battery. But this is really a very simple and even interesting thing to do. There are many Supercharger stations in Switzerland and in Aosta - valley so that even for the half - and full - day rentals you don't end up paying anything for the electricity.

How and where do I get the car?

After you have received your luggage and have gone through the customs look for Tesla Transfers employee. He will have a sign with our logo and your name on it.

In Verbier we will drive the car directly to where ever you want to meet us!

Where will I leave the car when I arrive at my destination?

Give us a call a few minutes before you arrive at the airport and just drive to the short term parking right in front of the main terminal, on the ARRIVALS level. Our representative will come to meet you there.

Same thing when arriving in Verbier. A few minutes before, for example when in Le Chable, call us and we will come to your chosen address to pick up the car.